Hughes Autoformers 50 Amp Surge Protector + EPOZoom

Hughes Autoformers 50 Amp Surge Protector + EPO

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World’s first advanced Smart Surge Protector with EPO (Emergency Power Off) 4,800 Joules of Advanced Surge Protection Smart Circuit Analyzer will shut down power to RV if a dangerous event occurs. An alert will be sent to your smartphone Plug-n-play – only 4 second delay power on after plugging in (others brands are up to 2 mins) Built in 90 second Power-on delay to protect your AC. Wirelessly Monitor Volts & Amps & Watts on your Smartphone in Real Time Complete LED Park Power Diagnostics with Wireless Fault Alerts – Open Ground, Open Neutral, Reverse Polarity, Open Circuit and Miss-Wired App features power monitor, see your Kilowatt Hour usage
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